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Coign Blanket


Coign Blanket


Knitted in the Scottish Borders, this blanket is made from 100% Geelong Lambswool which is known for it warmth and luxurious soft handle. Utilising our typeface, Coign, the numerals 1—9 are displayed in the quantity relating to the given numeral. For example three 3’s, four 4’s and so-on. As the number increases the numeral becomes more condensed, and at its extreme transforms into something resembling a pattern.

We are now taking enquiries for purchases of the Coign Blanket.

1900mm x 1300mm
100% Geelong Lambswool
Made in Scotland
Additional Info
Packaged in a heavy canvas tote bag with Colophon Foundry label
Coign Blanket Folded
coign blanket flat
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