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Aperçu Condensed

Aperçu Condensed has been drawn as a partner to the Proportional family of Aperçu. This Condensed variant enables the type-user to truly capitalize on the type size in areas where space is at premium such as packaging backs, small print or in editorial settings in larger titling.
Aperçu was initially drawn in December 2009, and was tried & tested throughout a number of design commissions into 2010. Aperçu aimed to create a synopsis or amalgamation of classic realist typefaces: Johnston, Gill Sans, Neuzeit & Franklin Gothic. A sum of parts from the outset, Aperçu builds upon these initial reference points to create an extensive and usable family.
Since its release in August 2010, Aperçu has quickly found its position in the market, being used across a variety of different media and sectors around the world across a multitude of touch points. Utilized by leading visual institutions such as MOMA, De Wiels, Zeit Magazine and the Walker Art Center amongst many others.
Aperçu Condensed is available in six weights — Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold and Black — alongside corresponding Italics. Aperçu Condensed is open to licensing in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions. The latter contains further language support for Cyrillic and Greek scripts, alongside OpenType features such as old-style numerals, case sensitive forms and stylistic alternates.
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