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Chromatic is an all-encompassing ‘anti-genre’ super family. By sympathetically changing glyph construction while passing through its six widths (Compressed, Compact, Condensed, Grotesque, Geometric and Gothic) Chromatic traverses multiple genres — this results in not only a plethora of highly usable individual fonts but a full type system for all use cases.
1 — The Compressed Width
The most condensed and modular width, with a vertical gas pipe design for a block-like and impactful aesthetic.
2 — The Compact Width
Sitting between a compressed (with gas-pipes) and condensed, Compact is useful for smaller type sizes where a space-conscious aesthetic is required.
3 — The Condensed Width
A Condensed style of Grotesque to create impactful headlines, whilst leaning to a less machined aesthetic.
4 — The Grotesque Width
Swiss-inspired, perpendicular, horizontal terminals, with Narrower proportions, for a more nuanced and neutral aesthetic.
5 — The Geometric Width
Circular forms with open apertures, for a friendly and approachable aesthetic.
6 — The Gothic Width
The widest, american-inspired styling with attached arm connections and open apertures, for an assertive and confident aesthetic.
Chromatic is available in six widths — Compact, Compressed, Condensed, Geometric, Grotesque and Gothic — over four weights — Regular, Medium, SemiBold and Bold — and is open to licensing in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions.
A monospaced version takes the grotesque DNA into a fixed-width format, and is available in four weights — Regular, Medium, SemiBold and Bold — all open to licensing in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions.
It also includes copious alternate glyphs and characters that are categorized into a set of nine pre-defined stylistic sets. For further granular control, Chromatic contains 24 individual character variations to enable users to customise and modify the type family.
Italics and further weights will follow in early 2023.
Colophon Foundry
Sans Serif, Multigenre
Auguste Serif