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Pets at Home Logomark


As part of the Pets at Home 2023 rebrand, Colophon worked closely with Nomad Studio to refine the brand's logo suite — consisting of a core ‘Pets’ logo and derivative ‘Pets at Home’ and ‘Vets for Pets’ wordmarks.

Pets Sub-Brand
Nomad Studio
1 Style - Regular
Adobe Latin-A Extended
logomark display
pets dog collar
pets logos
The driving force of the rebrand was to unite the pets at home sub brands under the collective ‘Pets’ brand. The ‘Pets’ logo would be used for all general touchpoints of the brand, as well as in conjunction with the Pets Sub-Brand typeface for special initiatives such as Pets Club, Pets Grooming and Pets Foundation. Drawing on this primary ‘Pets’ logomark, separate ‘Pets at Home’ and ‘Vets for Pets’ logomarks were developed for the two core brands.
pets storefront
pets loyalty card
pet storefront
pets loyalty card iphone
pets logo bg
pets logo bg
Counter of «e» balanced with spine of «s»
Consistent angle used in other letter forms
Terminal stroke of P is inspired by an animals’ tail
Claw definition is reduced yet retains the overall shape
Consistency across all radius corners
Soft corners are combined with sharp connections
Designed by Nomad Studio, bold and rounded shapes convey a warm and approachable brand identity in the ‘Pets’, ‘Pets at Home’ and ‘Vets for Pets’ logomarks, with highly expressive moments in the animal-inspired tail of the ‘P’ bringing character and ownability. As part of the refinement process, Colophon worked closely on the joins between characters and on balancing individual letterforms to ensure consistency within each logo and across the suite.
pets close up
pets close up
pets sub brand specimen
Further measures were taken to increase uniformity across the radius corners and angles in all letterforms. Refinements also included harmonising the ‘for’ and ‘at Home’ into a cohesive type system, which would go on to form the basis of the Pets Sub-Brand typeface. Developed in a single-weight, Pets Sub-Brand was designed for use within the logosuite, expanding the pre-existing ‘at home’ and ‘for’ characters into a more robust character set that could be used alongside the core ‘Pets’ logo for sub-brand lockups and future proof the brand for further expansions.
pets at close up
pet truck
pets tote
pets keys
pets tote
pets keys receipt
With thanks to Nomad Studio for the images.

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