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Licensing from Colophon

At Colophon, we have several approaches to licensing, all based on the usage and application of the font software. From single usage licenses, to global enterprise solutions, a wide variety of scale of licenses are available to suit your current and future needs.

Core Tiered Licensing

Our licenses are available based on usage. You can upgrade at any time, and increase the tier level of the license. Need licensing beyond what's available here?
Contact us at [email protected].

Desktop License

A desktop license enables a font to be installed on a computer. This license is measured on the number of users who have the font installed. Create and print documents, as well as static images (.jpeg, .tiff, .png), even if the images are used on a website or within a mobile app.
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Web License

A web license (or self-hosting web license) enables the font to be utilized in live text on a website, by uploading the typeface to a web server and referencing it via @font-face. This is an annual license, and is measured on the number of page views per month one website receives. Each license is for one website.
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App License

An app license is for when you are developing an app for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, and you will be embedding the font file in your mobile application's code. This is an annual license for apps with up to 25,000 registered users. Need licensing beyond what's available online? Contact us at [email protected]
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Specialised Licensing

specialised licensing illu
Further specialised licenses include; Distribution License, for third-party suppliers, such as agencies or manufactuers, that require font software to produce brand assets and a Production Server License; for font software that is utilised in automated document production.

Enterprise Licensing

For larger organisations with global reach or high usage, we offer flexible Enterprise Licenses. As a part of Monotype, Colophon fonts are available in enterprise licenses that are governed by a singular license contract, giving brands peace of mind as font families become an integral branding tool and applied on all touch points.
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