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Enterprise Licensing

Multinational corporations and large companies require licensing structures that are easy to navigate. Our enterprise licenses ensure that you will be covered for all eventualities, not only in the short term but for future growth. As a part of Monotype, Colophon offers enterprise licenses to suit all needs and ambitions.

Annual Enterprise Licensing

An Annual Enterprise License offers global unlimited use across all touchpoints for an annually renewable fee. This license may be suited to a campaign, or where brand roll-out gains traction over time.
All Colophon font software is available within this licensing structure, please contact Colophon directly for more information on enterprise licensing. 
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Additional Bolt-Ons

specialised licensing illus

Third Party Distribution Licensing

A Distribution License allows use by third-party suppliers, such as agencies or manufacturers, that require the font software to produce brand assets.

Production Server Licensing

A Production Server License enables a font to be installed on a production server that creates content, such as PDF files through an automated process. This license is measured on the number of servers that will require access to the font to create documents. Sandbox and testing servers are included within the license.

A Bespoke
Contract for You

All Colophon enterprise licenses are governed by negotiable contracts and agreements. We are able to modify terms for all requirements and use-cases to enable a succinct and easy licensing process. Please get in touch to discuss your particular requirements for any size of enterprise purchase.

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