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Mabry Specimen

Mabry Specimen
An exploration into the balance between work and life; business and pleasure

£12.00 + P&P

mabry specimen 7

Exploring the phenomena of vernacular, low-fidelity, and do-it-oneself shop signage, the Mabry type specimen is a typographic rumination on the age-old balance of Work and Life, Business and Pleasure, Home and Office.

mabry specimen 8

The specimen includes a handy storage envelope; a booklet that re-presents found instances of colloquial operational language; and a functioning OPEN / CLOSED flip-sign.

Die Cut Envelope 1-Color Offset Lithography
240mm × 170mm 20-Page Stitched Booklet Die-Cut Holes 1-Color Offset Lithography
170mm × 240mm 2-Color Screenprint on Flexible Plastic Rounded Corners, Die-Cut Holes [60 cm] Waxed Thread

£12.00 + P&P

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£12.00 + P&P