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New from Colophon

Colophon's ever-growing library of new type releases, expansions and upgrades are varied and land frequently. All our releases are available for trial in your Account section.
lardent header

A classically inspired Serif typeface encompassing four families each with a distinct style of Serif, including a transitional “West” Serif that lies between the alternate Slab and Wedge families.

Lardent is available in four families, Classic, Slab, Wedge and West, each containing three weights — Regular, Medium, Bold — with corresponding Italics.

dopple header test
Dopple specimen
An exploration into the extremes of expression within a single typographic family, becoming increasingly graphic as it transitions from straight to flared lines across the weight range.

Dopple is available in five weights — Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold and Black, and in two widths, Condensed and Proportional, all with corresponding Italics.
parent head
parent specimen
One part classically designed Serif typeface, Parent reinterprets the functionality of “Daggers” that would maintain sharp edges in early type printing processes, transforming them into a deliberate design characteristic in a specialised ‘Ink’ variant.

Parent is available in 5 weights — Regular, Book, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold
kibitz head
kibitz speci
A high-contrast display serif that features exaggerated angular details combined with subtle chamfers, combining an asymmetrical playfulness with a modern and mechanical feeling.

Kibitz is available in five weights — Light, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold & Black.
weave specimen
A high contrast Sans-Serif that explores the relationship between angular and smooth outlines. Moments of high contrast paired with loose, soft curves hint at a gestural Serif design, reinterpreted within the confines of a Sans-Serif.

Weave is available in six weights — Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold & Black.
flou specimen
Loosely based on an un-digitised version of ITC’s Ultra Bold Condensed type, Flou is a singular weight type family. Translating as blurry or vague, the namesake Flou hints at both the characteristics of individual letterforms as well as its development and referential ideation.

Flou is available in a singular weight — Bold — with a corresponding Italic cut.
midnight header
midnight specimen
Emulating qualities found in the visual legacies of underground car culture and DIY rave flyers, Midnight has been recently extended to bring the total style count to 60.

Midnight Sans is now available in six weights and five widths, from Condensed (12 Black) to Expanded (60 Black), over two families — Midnight Sans RD and Midnight Sans ST.
robin header
robin specimen
An ode to, and potential replacement for, Arial, Robin draws on the ubiquitous design of the modern Sans-Serif to encapsulate a pared-back aesthetic that feels familiar yet distinctive, with improved balance and consistency.

Robin is available in four weights — Regular, Medium, SemiBold & Bold — with corresponding Italics.
apercu cond