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CF-Creator® enables designers and type-users alike to create a modified variant of any Colophon library font family. By utilising Variable Font Technology, parameters such as weight and width can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of your company or project.
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Adapt and Modify, Instantly!

The tools within the CF-Creator® allow users to modify all font families within the Colophon library. Each font family has unique variable parameters which allow for further customisation and flexibility. Although all Colophon library fonts can be modified using the tool, the CF-Creator® Recommended mark indicates that a type family has been produced specifically with this flexibility and modification in mind.
Tool 1 -> CF-Creator® Variable Clipper
Variable font technology allows for tweening between the extremes of a particular or multiple parameters, such as width or weight. The CF-Creator® Variable Clipper allows users to truncate the design space, not only removing unwanted widths, weights and variables, but reducing overall licensing costs whilst continuing to harness the power of variable technology.
Tool 2 -> CF-Creator® Static Weight Modifier
The CF-Creator® Static Weight Modifier enables adjustments to specific weights and styles within a font family. Rather than being limited to a selection of pre-defined static instances (Regular, Bold, etc.), users are able to adjust where a static instance will sit along any variable parameter, such as weight or width, to fit specific use cases.
Tool 3 -> CF-Creator® Stylistic Swapper
Colophon font families all contain numerous stylistic and discretionary alternate glyphs, numbers and marks. These are accessible through OpenType features in design-led software programs, but become more complicated to use in lower-level applications. With the CF-Creator® Stylistic Swapper users can instantly swap stylistic sets, changing the default characters within a font family.
Tool 4 -> CF-Creator® Re-namer

Identifiable and memorable names are integral to strong company branding, and font names are no different. The CF-Creator® Re-namer gives users the ability to include their own prefix or suffix alongside the font family name (for example, Brand Basis or Basis Brand). These additions not only make the font family more identifiable in the plethora of installed font software, but can play an essential role in building brand guidelines and company equity.

Why Should I use CF-Creator®?
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Selecting the perfect font for a project has always been a challenging and labour intensive task for any designer or brand. What if you could reinvent and modify your go-to font family, giving it a new lease of life? In fact, what if you could modify any typeface so it fits perfectly with a brand or project? The CF-Creator® not only unlocks an abundance of modification possibilities, but gives the power to the designer or type user to personalise and adapt Colophon fonts to their own vision.
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