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Dopple, a name born out of various iterations and translations of doubling and duality, is an exploration into the extremes of expression within a single typographic family. Moving from a Regular to a Black weight, the design becomes increasingly graphic in its transition from straight to flared lines. Although monolinear in contrast, the more neutral Regular weight has its own idiosyncratic moments — with rounded corners and asymmetrical shapes — which are expanded and extrapolated as it travels through the weight range. As such, subtle tapering at letter joints in Dopple Regular become flared curves that threaten to bulge out of their bounding outlines in the Bold and Black weights.

Available in both Condensed and Proportional widths, a set of corresponding Italics adds a further expressive element whereby protruding curves mark ‘exit strokes’ in an abstract reference to traditional calligraphy and True Italics. Three variable axes, Weight, Width and Slant, allow users to explore not only the extremes of the design but also more subtle, intermediary moments.

Dopple is available in five weights — Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold and Black, and in two widths, Condensed and Proportional, all with corresponding Italics. It is open to licensing in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions. The latter contains additional OpenType features and stylistic alternates.
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