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Loosely based on an un-digitised version of ITC’s Ultra Bold Condensed type, Flou is a singular weight type family. Translating as blurry or vague, the namesake Flou hints at both the characteristics of individual letterforms as well as its development and referential ideation.

Rounded corners that are applied to every edge bring a warmth and softness to the overall appearance of the typeface and are a direct reinterpretation of the photostat production methods of original source materials. These nuances are welcomed, celebrated and even emphasised, such as in the arm of the «r», giving further definition and character.

An extensive set of alternate forms are included within the PRO variant, in particular within the Italic style. Turned in terminals are found within the «h», «n» and «m» to enable tighter letter spacing with less decoration. Contrasting this, there are a number of expressive swash-like forms in the capitals «K», «R» and «Z» available.

Further contextual ligatures («ffl», «ffj», «ffk» and more) are included in both the Upright and Italic, alongside discretionary ligatures («ct», «st», «ve») within the Italic variant, bringing a decorative connecting element.

Flou is available in a singular weight — Bold — with a corresponding Italic cut. It is open to licensing in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions. The latter contains numerous OpenType features and stylistic alternates, which are most extensive in the Italic style.
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