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Lardent, an eponym for the designer of Times New Roman, Victor Lardent, is a classically inspired Serif typeface. Featuring prominent and well defined Serifs, the “Classic” family offers a pared back take on traditional designs, removing some of the original eccentricity to create a modern, consistent aesthetic suitable for headlines and body copy and for use in both digital and print settings.

Encompassing four families, each featuring a distinct style of Serif, Lardent’s standout feature is the fusion of Slab and Wedge Serif designs to create a unique visual texture that incorporates the density of a Slab Serif with subtle wedge shapes. This culminates in the transitional “West” Serif family which lies between the alternate Slab and Wedge families. All four families, Classic, Slab, Wedge and West, are available in a singular variable file, enabling access to a full scale of intermediary stages between each Serif style.

Lardent is available in four families, Classic, Slab, Wedge and West, each containing three weights — Regular, Medium, Bold — with corresponding Italics. It is open to licensing in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions. The latter contains additional OpenType features.
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