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Although Manner’s roots are firmly within Theodore Low De Vinne’s eponymic type design of the 19th Century, its sensibilities are re-cut and pushed through a contemporary lens. Traversing through the weight range, starting in a more classical old-style in the Light, where details are fine and its Serif’s are long and graceful, the bolder styles (Medium through Black) become decidedly more asymmetric and angular. It is this morphing of stylistic attributes and qualities that brings a unique charm and warmth to Manner’s idiosyncratic forms.

Manner has an air of a Sans-Serif about it, skirting the definition of a Sans and Serif simultaneously, with these peculiarities bringing intrigue and a contemporary nature to its design. Gone are the predecessors bulbous and gloopy terminals, in its place are angular, chiseled moments of imperfection and nuance that are perfectly suited for both body and large display-led headline usage.
Manner is available in five weights —  Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black. It is available in both static and variable format and to license in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions. The latter contains a selection of OpenType features and stylistic alternates.
Colophon Foundry
Apta Mabry