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Weave is a high contrast Sans-Serif that explores the movement and relationship between angular and smooth outlines. Traversing both a Serif and Sans-Serif design space, moments of high contrast paired with loose, soft curves, stressed weighting and asymmetrical, arching horizontal cut offs offer hints of a gestural Serif design reinterpreted within the confines of a Sans-Serif.

Working within this already expressive arena allows for certain forms to take on unique qualities. Notice the motion in the curved gestures of the “a” and “b”, the theatrical looped “k”, and sharp changes in stroke direction in the “f” and “g”. Subtle inktraps and notches throughout the character set tame these expressive moments with a sense of detail and precision.

Weave is available in six weights — Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold & Black. It is open to licensing in both Standard (‘STD’) and Professional (‘PRO’) versions. The latter contains additional OpenType features and stylistic alternates for the upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation.
Colophon Foundry
Sans Serif