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American luxury car manufacturer Cadillac is one of the world’s oldest automobile brands. Well established as one of the country's premier luxury car manufacturers, the brand is known for developing techniques that would pave the way for mass production in the field, with their V8 engine setting the standard for the American automotive industry.

Cadillac Gothic
Mother Design, New York
9 Styles Gothic Regular, Medium, Bold Gothic Wide Regular, Medium, Bold Narrow Regular, Medium, Bold
Adobe Latin-3
Sans Serif
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Coinciding with the launch of two new electric vehicles, Cadillac worked with New York design agency Mother Design to develop a new brand identity that would energize the iconic American brand and re-establish them as a leading figure in automobile technology. Roll out began in December, 2021, and continues into 2022 with updated photography, a new color palette and new typography. 
Cadillac Q R
Cadillac Badge
cadillac q r
cadillac badge
cadillac colours
Working closely with Mother Design, the Sans-Serif typeface Cadillac Gothic was developed in three widths — Narrow, Regular and Extended — all with three corresponding weights — Regular, Medium and Bold. The new bold and modern sans replaces a previous hand rendered-serif design as a gesture to Cadillac’s futuristic rebrand. 
Cadillac Bag
cadillac bag
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cadillac currency
The expansive family is not only a reference to the recognisable scale of Cadillac’s design but allows for a wide set of expressions across a variety of use cases. By using variable technology both throughout the process and as a final deliverable, Colophon developed a flexible design system that Mother Design could apply across a range of touchpoints: from in-car screen displays to global campaign imagery. 
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cadillac site
cadillac crystal white

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