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Cava Icons

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Founded in 2006, mediterranean food brand CAVA has become one of the largest of the cuisine food providers in the US, with over 300 restaurants and a popular line of packaged dips, spreads and dressings sold across supermarkets. The acquisition of Zoe’s Kitchen in 2018 solidified its reputation, with the accompanying refresh looking to modernise the brand and accommodate future expansion. 

Cava Icons
After working closely with CAVA on the development of the aptly named Tahini and Harissa Sans typefaces and a new CAVA wordmark, Colophon were tasked with drawing a series of icons to match the typefaces and logo in positioning, weight and stylistic qualities and complement CAVA's new design system. While intended for roll out across both physical and digital communications, their proposed use on web and app lead to specific design considerations. The set of eighty-eight icons were drawn in a ‘standard’ state as well as an ‘inactive’ state that could also be used as the default design when applications are set in dark mode. In addition to this, selected icons were developed in a yellow ‘active’ mode and a corresponding white ‘active’ colourway to indicate icons are ‘active’ for devices in dark mode.
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Both informative and playful, the icons draw heavily on CAVA’s Greek heritage. Humorous depictions of Greek Mythology are peppered throughout the set — for example a peanut with a greek-god style headband to indicate a product contains nuts, vegetables sitting on an evocative pillar structure to highlight vegan ingredients, or a cow with wings in reference to the flying horse Pegasus to show a product contains milk. Others directly reference CAVA products, such as the CAVA bowl and bag containing the CAVA logomark. 
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Along with new colourways and imagery, the iconography not only plays an important role in the online and in-app UI experience, an increasing focus for the brand with the addition of curbside delivery and the rise in online ordering, but has become an integral ingredient in CAVA’s personable branding approach and visual ecosystem — the Mediterranean ethos of living well and eating well.
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