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Fanta (2023)

custom typeface

Following an initial type development in 2017, Colophon revisited the Fanta project in 2022, working with JKR to develop a more toned down and versatile typeface, “Fanta Pop”, as part of Fanta’s first global rebrand which focussed around the idea of play. 

Fanta Pop
2 Styles Pop Condensed Pop Regular
Adobe Latin 2
Sans Serif Display
fanta cans
The family consists of two type styles to cater for different aspect ratios and sizing constraints — a core Regular style designed for headlines and a supporting Condensed style for longer copy. Building on the previous design, which featured hap-hazard and papercut inspired forms with an irregular height pattern, “Fanta Pop” keeps this same personality but brings additional uniformity to the construction, with the playful irregularities moved to the internal sections of the letterforms and the height of each form unified.
As such, character is introduced through irregularities within the construction of the forms themselves. For example, the “A” and “H” have slanted crossbars, while more geometric forms like the “O”, “P” and “R” have asymmetrical counter forms. This allows letterforms to express the same eccentricities within a more standardised outline that doesn’t clash or compete with the surrounding artwork.
orange grape peach
orange grape peach
pop condensed
pop regular
pop ampersand
The typeface was accompanied by a new logomark system that reimagined the iconic “pop” shadow layer, bringing it out of the traditional orange circle and into a newly impactful graphic form with separate centre, left and right aligned designs. Being partly inspired by the idiosyncratic letters of the logmark, the headline type could be given the same “pop” shadow treatment, adding further continuity to all communications across the brand identity.
bold enough
bold enough
Rolled out in April, 2023, the rebrand marked the first time that the Fanta brand had a unified global identity. As the Coca-Cola Company’s Global vice president of design, Rapha Abreu, noted: "The rebrand really captures playful indulgence in my eyes. Fanta is all about fruity tastes that come in all different flavours, and this is an identity that really brings that to life."
OA annotation
fanta pos
OA annotation
fanta pos
limone hover a
fanta ooh
fanta ooh
With thanks to JKR for the images.

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