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Justworks provides payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance support for US-based businesses, allowing them to grow with confidence. headquartered in New York City, New York and was founded in 2012 by Iris Ramos and Isaac Oates. JustWorks handles the nitty-gritty of payroll, benefits, compliance and HR, allowing teams more time to develop businesses.

Oatley Sans
Order, New York
3 Styles: Regular, Bold, Display Bold
Adobe Latin-1
Sans Serif Display
Working closely with our friends at Order in New York, Colophon developed a bespoke typeface that became part of a larger type-driven identity system. The typeface needed to work as well in Product as Marketing materials, and this was a key consideration for its design, weight but also the structure of the type family.
“Oately”, a typeface inspired by late 19th century, specifically German Sans Serifs and Grotesques Its name is derived from Justworks CEO and founder, Isaac Oates. Drawn in 3 styles, workhorse Regular and Bold variants are paired-back and highly functional, whereas expression is reversed for the Display style. This style is based on the base variants, but includes detailing and nuances that bring a further playful quality to the type family. This structure enabled Colophon to create a utilitarian typeface but still have a personality that could be used exclusively across the organization. Characteristics such as the flicks on lowercase stroke endings such as ‘a’ + ‘f’ + ‘r’ are examples of the gestural nuance of the typeface.
Furthermore, a variety of OpenType features were created such as Case Sensitive Forms, Contextual Alternates, Tabular Figures, Superiors, Inferiors and fractions, alongside a variety of Stylistic sets such as a single storey ‘g’ added extra depth and options to the typeface. Justworks will begin roll-out the identity system in the years to come throughout touch points in both analogue and digital media, and are well poised for future growth with a new maturer and more cohesive brand.
With thanks to Order for the images.

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