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STD VS PRO / Language Support


All Colophon library fonts are available to license in both a STD and PRO variant.

As of 2022, even STD variants will be developed to the robust Colophon Standard glyph set, containing language support for Western, Central & Eastern European languages.
Depending on the typeface, PRO variants will contain additional language support in the form of Cyrillic and Greek scripts, as well as a multitude of OpenType features, stylistic sets and alternate characters.
Different fonts have different features and language support available, please make sure to check the individual specimen guides available on each typeface page for a full description of the features contained within the PRO and STD variants.
Non-Latin scripts such as Arabic and Thai will only be available with PRO licensing and will contain all the features of the Latin PRO variant as well as the non-Latin script purchased.
N.B. PRO variant fonts will include a -Pro suffix in the filename — i.e. BasisGrotesque-Regular-Pro vs. BasisGrotesque-Regular. As such, although unadvisable, it is possible to run both variants concurrently.